Genderless Organic Cotton Sweatshirt

Made In England & Made To Order

Dispatched within 14 days



100% ORGANIC COTTON – We only use single composition fabrics as mixed fabrics cannot be recycled. It’s worth checking the garment label whenever you purchase a new product for this simple reason


LOOP BACK HERRINGBONE JERSEY РMade in portugal and delivered to the UK by road. we buy untreated fabric without chemical additives. Often chemicals are used during the production process which included harmfull dyes, hand feel treatments and bonding agents. We use non of them.


380gms – This is a heavy weight jersey fabric which will last for years, our oldest inki is 6 years old and not a thread missing!


PIGMENT INKS –¬† Water based pigmenst inks are the safest type of ink available. They require no additional chemicals for bonding and require no water usage for application.¬†


MADE IN ENGLAND – We make everything within a 5 mile radius and deliver directly to you. once our fabric arrives in our studio we process the colour and print, cut and sew and finally package everything in paper and certainly no plastic. Even the little things like garment labels and swing tags and all made here. we literaly purchase fabric and recyled paper to make everything we make.


MADE FOR YOU – Each peice is hand made to order just for you so PLEASE consider the responsibility of ownership before you

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