Launching with the classic unisex chunky sweatshirt and hoody, INKI ORIGINALS (iO) arrives in January  2021 with a fresh take on what you wear. This is a co-create model, we provide the technology for you to make your own products. Our ‘click to create’ tool allows you to choose the graphics and colour on each component part of an iO, from the body to the cuffs and banded hem. It’s a method in direct contrast to the generic mass-produced fashion on the high street. Instead, we are giving the power back to you, with creative control, you’re not a consumer. Instead, you own your project from start to finish. Self-expression is our USP.





By nature of our digital sampling and unique production methods, sustainability is a healthy by-product of what we do. After all, nothing actually exists until you click to buy.  At iO, we are trying to do things radically different. The project, which was five years in research and development is set up  to produce everything domestically and locally. Our team makes each product in our UK studio – using water-based dyes, organic fabrics, no plastic or harmful chemicals, and we deliver direct to you. That means we bypass the fashion industry’s usual supply chains and production methods that use up valuable resources. 



We are anti-disposable too – providing ‘spare parts’ for items so you can mend them, rather than throwing them away. And once our product has reached the end of its life, our single composition fabrics make it easy to recycle. A mix of good design, creativity and energy with mindful, traceable, local production makes us a brand for the future.





We have started with the classic sweatshirt and hoody.  However, v1.0 is only a proof of concept, it’s just the beginning. Further products will arrive from Nov’ 21 onwards. In autumn 2021 we plan a pop-up open studio, where you can drop in, and play with our state-of-the-art print technology, biometric scanning and digital touch screens, using the ‘click to create’ process to design and collect a unique piece by the end of your shopping day. 




Our values go beyond the environment – our team want to bring in young people from the local community, to show a different side to fashion. Our idea is to get them involved. That can be as a conscious consumer of the product, a collaborator or team player. We know working together makes the magic happen. It makes something truly – INKI – original.